Why you probably won’t profit off of blogging/vlogging


[Updated 26 Dec 17 – This post’s name was changed from “Blogging/vlogging (don’t quit your day-time job, kid)” to “Why you probably won’t profit off of blogging/vlogging. The “It takes money to make money” section was added.]


Last night, I mentioned to my husband that I started up yet another blog. His response was a very audible groan… Okay, I get it. Its not the fact that he’s unsupportive, its the fact that I have literally stated this to him almost a million times before. Being able to stay at home (alone, with no children, of course) and get paid to update my blog/vlog would be an absolute dream job for me; buuuuuut, lets be completely real here. Here’s some honest reasons why you shouldn’t put all of your eggs in the blogging/vlogging business and think you can make it big.

Those famous bloggers/vloggers didn’t get instant fame – Face it, we live in a world where we demand instant gratification, instant reward, instant whatever… This is literally the prime reason lots of bloggers/vloggers, including me, have failed before you. You cannot and should not expect instant fame and success when you start up your blog/vlog. Sometimes, it takes a couple posts, or even a thousand posts, before you’re discovered and have a steady number of followers… But if you’re that determined in making a name for yourself this way, you could buy a domain and try a hand at advertising your blog. That always has its risk and benefits, but still keep it in your mind that you need to put some work into it in order to achieve some sort of “fame.

You need to be interesting – This may very well offend people but, I DON’T CARE. This is some honest piece of advice, whether you want to hear it or not. Sometimes we get a great idea to run with (Ex: I had an idea to create a blog around my love for my FujiFilm Instax cameras), but then you end up finding yourself running out of ideas to keep things relevant. In order to stick out of the crowd, which is essentially what blogging/vlogging is all about, you have to be creative… Now, some people also push the envelope way too far in trying to maintain their relevancy and to entertain their followers. A LOT of YouTubers have done pretty ridiculous things to be famous, and that has come at a price, unfortunately.

You really need the time and dedication – I say this primarily with vlogging in mind. I suppose blogging fits into this well considering you have to write what you want to say in a way that will keep people interested. Writer’s block is a REAL thing. I’ve had this on-again, off-again relationship with vlogging. I truly love doing it, but it takes more time editing your video than actually filming it. I’d say it probably took me a good couple hours editing videos for my YouTube channels before I threw in the towel.

It takes money to make money – Although NOT completely impossible, it is difficult to make money off of a free blog. You can use keywords that would be searchable on Google or other search engines, but just think about how many other blogs would pop up before yours. Blog servers, such as WordPress, has packages you can purchase to upgrade your blog so you can be seen by more viewers, and also find a means to make money… However, before you start making payments towards a blog, you still have to make sure you have the time and commitment in maintain said blog.

Be mindful to your future self – Digging up information for just about anyone has become a cinch; therefore, you should probably be careful on what you say or do on your blogs/vlogs. Sometimes, you can take things back… Granted, if you don’t really have a huge follower population or your post didn’t get a huge spike of attention. Either way, most things can’t be taken back now-a-days on the internet. Imagine going to an interview for your dream job, and your boss found a video of you getting absolutely obliterated from keg stands… Awkward.

So there you have it, my reasonings of why making blogging/vlogging a profession just won’t work. Have you encountered other reasons why blogging/vlogging didn’t work out for you?


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