Ways to help you focus on blogging (and MAYBE profit off of it)


Well… I already broke down and paid for the Premium service that WordPress offers its’ users. It cost me $96, or $8 per month. Hopefully, this blog will be my blog that I stick with and potentially make a profit.

I know that I previously made a post about how you’ll probably not profit off of blogging/vlogging (read that post here), but I’d like to also say I’m optimistic and think I could fulfill my dream of owning a successful blog. So here are some of the ways I’ll keep myself focused and hopefully convert my dream into a reality. Hopefully these tips will also help you keep focus and own a successful blog too!

Realize there’s no such thing as instant success or fame – Okay, I know that there are ways to achieve instant success/fame, considering things can go viral within minutes on the interwebs; but the reality of that actually happening to me doesn’t seem at all possible. Unfortunately, I’ll probably have to put in a ton of effort to achieve a well-known status.

Don’t limit yourself on what you can blog about – I know I mentioned in “Why you probably won’t profit off of blogging/vlogging” that, in order to have a successful blog, you need to be interesting. While this is true, don’t limit yourself to what you can blog about. I mean, this blog doesn’t really have a purpose other than the fact that I like to write about random non-sense. If its important for you to even make a blog about, I’m sure someone else in the world will be interested to read what you have to say.

BLOG like its your J-O-B –  I did put down $96 in order to maintain this blog. My justification is, if I routinely post on my blog, I pretty much wasted my time not investing in my blog. So here’s to hoping that I didn’t waste another $96 in blogging. This is also like investing in a business – you have to put some money down in order to start a business. You know its true! In order to join up any independent consultant business, you have to put money down by ordering their “new consultant kits” or “starter kits”. I know the same goes when you want to start up a shop with Etsy… I think I’ve made my point with this. If I want to make money off of blogging, I’m going to have to create some sort of schedule to keep going. I mean, you don’t get paid at any job if you don’t show up or do anything!

Stick to your word, and keep to your schedule! – As mentioned in the point above, I need to maintain some sort of schedule. I figured that if I pay attention to my blog 30-minutes to an hour each day, and post something for the days that I’m off of my actual job, I should be okay. The problem with my last blogs was that I just lost interest or the motivation in continuing the blog. I have so many great ideas to post, but writer’s block gets in the way or I just don’t get it past the draft blog. I think its time to stop making excuses and starting doing.

If writer’s block gets to you, find some inspiration – Honestly, my inspiration comes from FaceBook (lol). You know there’s a lot of discussion going on in social media websites, and it doesn’t have to be about politics, current events, etc. Buzzfeed is also an EXCELLENT source of inspiration. They’re always up to something that’s interesting to talk about, or maybe even re-enact.

Here’s to hoping that I actually stick to my plans and not ditch them!! Do you have some ideas on how you stay motivated in your blog(s)? I’d love to hear them, and drop off your blog in the comments as well! I’d love to hear what you’re interested in!




    • You definitely have the higher ground than me. That’s amazing you kept at a blog for two years! Sometimes, I also feel like I’ve got ADHD and I just get bored and stop trying :/


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