Breastfeeding in public

I feel like I’ve come a long way in my breastfeeding journey. I read all these public breastfeeding-shaming posts of FaceBook, which really enraged me and set me off the “well, if that were me…” rant. Since breastfeeding a perfectly normal, I thought I would have no problem feeding my baby in public. Boy, oh boy, was I wrong.

And its not the fact that there were people that were verbally shaming me about my decision to feed my baby out in public. It was me being over-reactive, sensitive, and self-conscious of what other people may think. And, I know that is absolutely silly to feel that way! Granted, I wasn’t just whipping out my breast, out in the open, with no cover whatsoever. I was still courteous to those around me. Eventually, I started getting used to the idea and the act that it no longer bothered me.

Its unfortunate that our society has suddenly turned the other cheek on public breastfeeding. I always thought its like shaming people just for eating. Why do we have to force women to go into a secluded place (most of the time, it is literally a closet) just to feed their baby? If anything, this should really be the choice on the mother, if she’s okay with feeding out in the open. We certainly don’t expect others to go and eat in a secluded place because their choice of food simply offends us… Or, maybe we already do and I just haven’t heard of that one yet.

I can also understand that our society has also done a great job at sexualizing the female chest, and anything to do with that is just that. There is nothing sexual about breastfeeding, and really, its a fetish to those to find that to be a turn-on. Never have I thought, while breastfeeding in public, that I wanted to try and turn someone on by feeding my baby… My son’s hungry, and if he done’st eat, then he’ll just make everyone around us annoyed and miserable. So, let him eat. Also, its pretty obvious when a woman wants to sexualize her chest when all you can see is cleavage spilling out of her low-cut tops. As a mommy, those type of tops don’t look all that great with a nursing bra underneath.

Anyway, I feel like society needs to back off of moms that decide to breastfeed. Its their choice, not yours. From pregnancy to raising children, moms usually get the bad rap (dads, too!) and are subjected to other people’s opinions. While your opinions may be acknowledged, its still their choice on how they want to care and raise for their kids.



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