Coffee for a good cause


When I made Staff Sergeant, one of my friends put together an “NCO starter kit”, which included a travel mug. She told me that my daily intake of coffee would significantly increase as my responsibilities as an NCO would increase as well. Of course, that technically didn’t happen to me, although I can say that my intake of coffee did increase when I was deployed.

Having a cup of Joe was my go to thing when I was deployed. Much like how most people made little tick marks inside their caps as the days went by. Coffee was literally my wingman when the days were stressful and dealing with med-evacuating patients. But you know what made deployment coffee so awesome? I was able to receive a free cup of coffee in the morning from generous donors and supporters. It was the greatest feeling to have my deployment coffee paid for from someone in the states that actually supported me. Don’t get me wrong, I was also extremely grateful for all the care packages I received from numerous organizations, but coffee literally spoke to my heart… and not in a near-heart attack kind of way.

Its no Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts, but when you’re stuck in the sandbox for 6+ months, literally anything will do. I’ve learned to appreciate what Green Beans Coffee had to offer me, and quite frankly, I miss it. Perhaps I miss it because its synonymous with my memories of deployment. Anyway, if you’d like to buy a deployed troop’s coffee this morning, click here. Trust me, whoever receives your donation would be extremely grateful for it! I’ve made it a habit to buy at least one cup every paycheck. You can buy a lot considering its only $2.50 per cup!

(PLEASE NOTE: I am not sponsored or endorsed by Green Beans.)


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