YouTube at an all-time low


Last night, my husband told me that YouTube decided to target all gun channels and block their content due to a “violation in their terms of service.” I haven’t taken the time to meticulously comb through YouTube’s current terms of service contract, but it still deeply upsets me. Mostly because they’re “quick” to dismantle gun channels, but can’t even seem to fix the problem with adult-themed content.

Unbeknownst to me, YouTube has been working on this movement since April 2017 by first demonetizing gun channels. If, this movement is to place a censorship on all things gun-related, it’s funny how “quick” YouTube made a move toward this ban. There are loads of adult-themed content on YouTube that poses as child-friendly, but then you find your child watching videos of Spiderman dry-humping Elsa. Why isn’t there a movement against this type of content and why isn’t YouTube acting as quickly to get rid of this content? If the excuse is because they’re unable to continuously review uploaded content before it’s too late, then maybe someone should be looking into creating a “child friendly” YouTube and place appropriate content on there. When I first saw the videos from parent FaceBook groups warning others about these type of YouTube videos, my initial reaction was that parents should be closely monitoring the stuff their kids are watching. YouTube and TV is not a babysitter, and should not be used in that manner. Therefore, parents cannot and should not blame gun channels for exposing their kids to the world of firearms. I know that YouTube can and will censor some content they deem as “too mature” by placing a disclaimer and ensuring that the viewer first logs on to verify their age. So, why not do that for gun channels if they feel so compelled that these channels are demonizing people to commit mass murders?

Honestly, I would rather have my boys watch content from these gun channels because they promote gun safety. Why is it, that we’re okay in letting our children watch videos of other kids “challenging” each other to do stupid things, like the Tide Pod challenge? Is it because it’s funny to watch others essentially poison or harm each other just for the reviews? Clearly, we are raising our kids in a right direction of doing stupid things for attention with total disregard to their own safety. These gun channels do not promote this kind of idiocracy and instead promote gun safety like I’ve mentioned before.

Now, it is YouTube’s right to decide on disabling gun channels, but my thoughts on this is that they need to fix a whole bunch of other stuff on their platform before they begin to attack law-abiding citizens with rights. They should take the time to review ALL of the content they have on there and remove or place some sort of censorship to these videos that expose our kids to acts that are well beyond their comprehension. Stop promoting the idiotic behaviors that could kill our children, while also attacking channels that LITERALLY promote safety.


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