Happy Nurse/Tech Week!


Technically, Nurse/Tech week will begin on 6 May and go on until the 12th. And even though it’s officially recognized only as Nurse’s week, the military also celebrates and recognizes the medical technician’s as well. As you can see, this year’s theme is INSPRE – INNOVATE – INFLUENCE, so I thought it’d be fitting to share with you my reason of why I decided to become a medical technician (I got to choose this job!) and why I’d want to stay in the healthcare career field


I wasn’t the type of kid who instantly knew what they wanted to be when they started school. In fact, when I was in 1st grade, I remember saying that I wanted to be a famous singer… My singing is not the best, so I suppose it was a good thing that my life didn’t turn out that way! Anyway, I really never knew which direction to take in life, but I did have somewhat of an interest in the medical field. My mom is a registered dental assistant, so she would always bring me to the dental conventions where I’d get a ton of free stuff! For a moment, I thought about maybe pursing a career in dental, maybe as a dentist, but then my mom discouraged me because it probably wouldn’t be fun for me to not be able to talk to the patient and I just look at people’s mouths all day. I guess those are good deterrents as to why I shouldn’t be a dentist… Not saying there is anything wrong with dentists, but my mom knew what she was talking about me not having a particular liking for it, so I just moved on.

In my freshman year of high school, I remember having to sit down with my counselor and pick out classes that would help me pursue the career field I wanted to be in. Only problem was, I still wasn’t sure what I wanted to do after high school at that point. The only thing I was sure about was joining the military (thanks to JROTC). So then I had a sudden interest in becoming a plane mechanic, like what I dad was when he was in the Navy. My Chief from JROTC caught wind about me thinking about becoming a mechanic, and he didn’t feel like that would match my personality. So then, he organized a trip for my best friend and me to tour the Nellis AFB hospital while we were out there for our summer camp. It didn’t take me a whole lot of convincing after that, I was sold. Being in a hospital, for me, felt like somewhere I belonged and I just knew this was my calling. So then I fought tooth and nail to become a 4N0X1, Aerospace Medical Technician.

Fast forward 12+ years, and here I am at the US Air Force Academy doing what I love! AS with every career field, there are good days and bad days, but I feel my bad days are outweighed from my good days. I absolutely love being a medical technician, and I would NOT change anything about it!

HAPPY NURSE/TECH WEEK EVERYONE! Show your Nurses and Techs some love this week ❤



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