Poop-Flinging Tenants?


Here’s another interesting read that I found on my FaceBook news feed: Couple Says Would-Be Homebuyers Smeared Feces, Caused $40K Worth Of DamageOf course, its irritated me on multiple levels, hence this post.

First offthe title, “would-be homebuyers smeared feces…” WHAT IN THE HELL?! I’m thinking that these potential buyers are extreme mental cases in that they consciously fished out their own doo to paint the white walls, but then the article states that all of the void came from pets. Stillthat’s pretty disgusting and unexcusable as a pet owner. Its like me not cleaning up after my dogs when they pee in the house… How do people live their lives like that, knowing that they’re walking around in their pet’s filth? And the WORST thing about it is, its been reported that these potential homebuyers also had a child with them. So not only are they just letting their pets relieve themselves as they please anywhere in the house, a child is also running around in it?! Or potentially being the one that’s flinging animal dung all over the house?! I can only assume the state and condition of this poor child… It wouldn’t surprise me if the kid has multiple health problems. Also, what are these people teaching this kid when they’re chucking poo all over the house, EVEN AT THE 10-FOOT CEILING?!?

Seriously, how do these sort of people manage to close in on deals like this. Its been a very difficult journey for my husband and I to even find a decent house that’s worth putting an offer on… And the wild thing about this article is that it happened in the same county that we live in! We’ve been told by our realtor that its a sellers market, so we’re having to put in an offer first for a potential house we might like before we even get to view it. How is it that mental cases like this are able to get by? I mean, I would think there’s something off in their demeanor when they view the property, but then again, they probably put an offer in without looking at it.

All-in-all, I just feel really bad for these homeowners who basically can’t do squat according to the “law.” You’d really think that there’s some kind of criminal offense they can use against the tenants. Then again, I think the article also states that the tenants have yet to be found. How fitting. I would’ve taken it as a sign when they were consistently late on their rent, but hindsight is always 20/20. Super unfortunate for this couple and I feel an immense pain for them, having to pay for the damages they didn’t create. My only hope is that they’re able to find this family and serve them with what they deserve… This pretty much leaves a bitter taste in my mouth with all the problems we’re having just to land a house!



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