BDUs to ABUS to OCPs

pexels-photo-279991.jpegICYMI, the Air Force has officially stated that it will being wearing the Army’s OCP (Operational Camouflage Pattern) uniform, starting October of this year. However, Airmen will have until 2021 to officially transition from the current uniform – the ABU (Airman Battle Uniform).


Honestly, I’m kind of indifferent about the whole change. Cool, we get to match with the Army now; I mean, we do deploy with their uniforms anyway… But that’s all I see as far as benefits. Supposedly, the OCP was designed in a “better way,” but they also said that about the ABUs when we transitioned from BDUs (Battle Dress Uniform). 10 years ago, when they were rolling out ABUs, the attractive piece to it was that it doesn’t require pressing and is basically wash-and-wear. The OCPs are like that, too, only better in some way.

I’m sure the changes have to do with some type of contract that the Air Force has with some uniform manufacturer, and that it recently expired. So, queue in the OCPs. I suppose this could also save a few bucks for the DoD considering we have three different types of common uniforms… The Navy is kind of a lost cause with their two million different types of uniforms. Either way, this roll out is costing me money just to have and I’m in no real rush to getting into OCPs. I think I might just gather the uniform pieces overtime with my uniform allowance.

What do you think of the new uniform change for OCPs? Also, whats a good reason to be hyped about it?


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