Increasing Trending Of Animal Abuse Videos

pexels-photo-278312.jpegSeriously, what is with the sudden increase of animal abuse videos that are being posted on FaceBook and other social media outlets? I thought things like that were against the terms and usage agreements? I’ve held my tongue on FaceBook ever since its become a warzone as far as politics and being overall politically correct, but why do people feel the need to ever share something horrible like that? And, I’m not trying to regulate what other’s post on their profiles, but either way, people should stop because its just wrong. I don’t intend to go on FaceBook to see things like this. My intentions of using FaceBook is to catch up with my friends and family’s lives, not wanting to punch abusers in the throat for harming innocent creatures.

What reason is there to post these things? Getting people riled up might provoke some sort of “justice war” for the poor animals featured in these films. However, based on the very few that I’ve seen, it doesn’t seem like these events are happening in the good ‘ol United States. Even if other people shared these videos/posts to raise some sort of awareness that these things are happening, we can’t expect the government of that country to exhaust any efforts or resources to catch these culprits. In fact, there are loads of countries that don’t share the same views of animals as we do. So what good is it to attempt to enforce our laws unto others? If this were the other way around, say another country telling us we can’t eat bacon because its again their laws, we would throw riots. And how do we truly know that this has happened in the now? How do we know that these videos were dated years ago and have only now found it’s way to the surface of the internet? Its truly unfortunate these things are happening around the world and possibly knowing that the abused animal is probably long dead before anything can happen to the a-holes who hurt them, but ignorance is truly bliss. Too many of these incidents already occur in our own country, which goes to show that we can’t possibly stop each and every event from ever happening.

Can you imagine, if, instead of animals and pets in these videos, that it were people or children? It makes me wonder how quick those posts or videos would be ousted from our newsfeeds. In this instance, why is there a major difference in how we react if it were animals or humans? Its because abuse unto a human may invoke bad memories for people who have been abused. For animals, it enrages the majority of us because we are pet owners and we shudder to think about this type of mistreatment and cruelty happening to our own beloveds. Mainly, I just wished these posters and sharers would think of things in this way if they want to share cruel videos.


Remarkably, I’ve noticed these videos are being shared in what is claimed as “pet-friendly” groups. Especially, in groups that are said to be for pitbull or bully breed lovers. As an owner of a Staffie, I know that my dog’s breed is commonly referred as aggressive or the common receiving end of abuse, but I don’t need to be constantly reminded of it. If people are sharing these posts/videos with good intentions – as if they feel sharing may actually bring justice to the poor pet that was hurt, they should channel their efforts in a cause that would be a lot more beneficial in the long run. Perhaps we ought to start focusing our attention to what we can control, which is caring for our shelter and pound puppies. Most of these poor dogs have been abandoned or have been abused by previous owners, and could benefit from us caring for them.

Instead of sharing abuse, why don’t we care for the ones that have been abused and are easier for us to access?



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