Getting Nervous For My Promotion Results

TSgt_(USAF)Lately, I’ve been having dreams about career progression for the Air Force. Two nights ago, I dreamt about being a Training Instructor for Basic Training at Lackland AFB, and last night, I was talking to someone who was an Independent Duty Medical Technician. These two jobs are what most Technical Sergeant (TSgt/E-6) promotees find themselves being selected and sent to be retrained into. Aside from my own dreams, my husband said that he, too, had a dream that I was selected for promotion. And, of course, everyone I work with, including my troops, say they have positive feelings that this year is my year to make it. So… maybe? This year will be my fifth attempt in trying to make this rank, so I’m trying not to get my hopes up and get optimistic about it. I’d hate to feel overconfident that I did get selected this year, only to discover that my name isn’t on the list.

The promotion selection list for Master Sergeant (MSgt/E-7) was released yesterday, which is complete torture for me, and I’m sure everyone else on the same boat.  Its interesting how MSgt selections come out a month or two before the TSgt list comes out, considering those Staff Sergeants (SSgt/E-5) and Technical Sergeants who are eligible for promotion, test at the same time (February and March each year). The bigger twist is that TSgt’s not only test for their rank, but there’s also a board to determine who should receive MSgt. SSgt’s don’t have to worry about that for TSgt, we just test. It makes me wonder why it takes so long for those results to come out.

Either way, I’ll keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best. If not, I know that its going to be a big blow for me considering the amount of time I dedicated to studying this year. However, I also have to remind myself that maybe there is a reason why I didn’t get that extra stripe. Meaning, there are bigger and better things in store for me. I’m hoping that means PA school?


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