“Go Back To Your Country! This Is My Country!”


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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I personally find it amusing when someone tells another person to “get out of their country.” As if it says somewhere in the United States archives that this country solely belongs to a particular set of people… Oh, well, the Native Americans were here first, so technically they are the only ones who can truly tell people to get out of their country… Because technically speaking, the pilgrims were the first immigrants in America.

Nothing infuriates me more when civilians think they can say things like that to minorities in the military, such as this woman in California. Albeit, she probably didn’t know that the person she was saying racist things to is a veteran, but had she known, would that’ve really change her perspective? I’m going to go with no. And the most ironic think of all is that she has an accent. It’s upsetting enough when a white person does things like that, but absolutely appalling when it’s coming from someone who is more than likely from a family that migrated here. However, I don’t know her or her family’s history and can only speculate. Either way, it still doesn’t excuse her childish behavior.


My favorite part about being in the military is that we are a complete melting pot, much like what this very nation was built off of. And despite the very few who can’t see past skin color, we all generally get along with each other. Its not about your race, your gender, your heritage. Its about whether or not you can continue the mission. Being a part of the military is the most patriotic thing that you can do for this country, and I would be so bold as to say that is the most American thing to do. I know that there are a lot of people who can’t join the military due to medical or other reasons, but supporting the military is the next best thing. So, get the crap out of here “get out of my country.” Its not your country, its OUR country.



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