Harry Potter: Hogwart’s Mystery Game

screenshot_20180506-0119001238429256.pngI know I’m a bit behind as far as making a post about the new Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery game, but that doesn’t mean that I won’t share my opinions about it! And its not just me who’s totally geeking out for this game, it turns out that a good chunk of my derby sisters are “addicted” to this game, too!

Seriously?! I can’t “talk seriously” to my Prefect because I have low energy?!

OH! And speaking of energy, there are a couple of Easter eggs hidden throughout the game that can give you a bit of energy. You can receive energy from these sources every four hours! EAST TOWERS – The little girl painting (it looks like a black picture before you tap on it WEST TOWERS – The painting next to the Prefects’ Bathroom LOWER FLOOR – WEST – There’s two! The first one is the owl post just below the three knights, and the second are the knights DUNGEONS – There will be a house elf snoozing just under the lantern before the Potions classroom CASTLE GROUNDS – You’ll see a stick on the ground. If you tap on it, a puppy Fang will come out and take it away ❤ LOWER FLOOR EAST (can be accessed when you make it to your second year) – There will be a bunch of books scattered on a bench.



Not only do these little Easter eggs give you some energy, its fun to see the little reactions when you tap on them. My favorite is the three knights!

Besides the energy meter being a problem, my other gripe is about locked conversation choices. I’m not going to spoil the game for you, but there is a part where a professor asks you to tell the truth, and you can’t because you’re not on level 10 as far as your courage meter goes. SO MUCH FOR BEING A RAVENCLAW THEN. In a way, kind of give me the impression the game is made to be played in a certain way despite the freedom to pick your own adventure. My word of advice is, don’t worry too much about the gold whenever you accomplish a task for stars. You end up getting gold anyway if you’ve completed the task at hand – whether you choose one, three, or eight hours. Besides getting points for my courage, empathy, or knowledge meter, I stick to energy or gem rewards if they ever present themselves.

Professor Severus Snape… More like Professor “Salty” Snape

The plot of the story seems to follow along the same path as Harry Potters’ when he attended Hogwarts. Although, I’m not sure if the setting of the game is based just before or around the same time as Harry’s arrival. Either way, Snape and Dumbledore are still alive, and Snape hates you just as much as he let on for Harry Potter… Although, I’m not too sure if he ends up warming up to you in the game. And since we all know how much Snape loves his house, for a while, it made me wonder if he would be as quick to deduct a serious amount of house points from your character if you were also a Slytherin. Turns out, you can’t outsmart the game and he still hates you even if you’re a part of his house… ouch.

Finally, it wouldn’t be “Hogwarts” if you didn’t have a fellow Slytherin student that you have a hate-hate relationship with. In this game, its a she and her name is Merula. Apparently, Merula has somewhat of a sad, pitty-story background in that both her parents are supposedly locked away because they’re avid followers of the dark lord. Regardless, that still doesn’t excuse the fact that her attitude is straight shit to everyone (can’t you just hug it out, Merula?). As much as you’ll grow to hate her, don’t worry about it too much. Her conceitedness ends up making her pay when you attend flying class and she can’t even pick up her broom. In fact, the broom gives her a swift smack in the face. KARMA!

So far, it looks like the game only stretches out to your third year at Hogwarts, but again, its still in its baby phase and needs time to develop. Either way, its a fun game to play ever since Pokemon Go! came out… and sadly took a nose dive after. Let me know what are you thoughts on the games in the comments below, and what house you decided to be in!



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