Memorial Day

My family and I didn’t plan to do much during this weekend, aside from one of my really close military friends coming to visit. Unfortunately, today, my husband is working so there’s really not much to plan anyway. However, I’m not complaining about not having anything to do today. In fact, I should really be doing some deep reflection on today’s meaning and purpose.

America is constantly at war to not only to preserve our own freedom and rights, but to also protect our allies as well. There’s a lot of mixed feeling about us fighting other country’s wars, but in the end, we still lose a signicant amount of our men and women. And while it’s all too easy to blame Congress or the president for putting them in harms way, we must also reflect that those that we’ve lost over military operations did it for the love of their country. Today, we should honor those that left this Earth all too soon, for preserving our rights and freedoms most take for granted on the daily.

Let’s also reflect on how very lucky most of us are to even be with our families today because of the military. Many mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, significant others, etc. aren’t as lucky as most of us and can enjoy today with those they’ve lost. These families have paid the ultimate sacrifice and we should honor them today as well.


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