Poet’s Table Vandalism

man in black jacket holding his hair facing body of water
Photo by Min An on Pexels.com

I’m sure a lot of people have planned on hiking over this long weekend, but if you were hiking Black Hills in Rapid City, South Dakota, don’t expect to see Poet’s Table. From what my friend, who is stationed at Ellsworth AFB, says, Poet’s Table is a hidden gem that was located in the Black Hills until a group of teenaged girls decided to dismantle it and take it away. As recent update states that authorities have identified the vandals and currently have them in custody.

…but what motivated them to take it apart anyway? Unfortunately, I haven’t had the chance to visit this site, and will probably never well thanks to this group. I entertained the thought that maybe they were a part of the original creators wishes in that he wanted it to be dismantled at a certain time. If that were the case, you would thing they woud make those wishes a bit more public and not do it at random. Either way, its quite depressing news to hear that the younger generation would think it’s a great idea to take away a part of history.


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