You Know You Grew Up In Temecula, Ca When…


#1 – …you have to correct people on their pronounciation

Sometimes, it makes you feel like Hermione Granger explaining how to correctly say Wingardium Leviosa… Other times, you don’t understand why its so difficult for people to say. I mean, its in the name.

#2 – …you have to explain to people that it’s between San Diego and Los Angeles. Or, you just give up and say you’re from San Diego

Temecula is not a widely-known city in Southern California, but its growing in population in size! Since its still trying to make a name for itself, I basically go through a mini-geographical lesson with the person I’m talking to. Most of the time, I just give up and say I’m from San Diego.

Wine#3 – …people start talking about the wineries

When the person you’re talking to starts talking about wine, its a good sign that they know about Temecula and where its located. Temecula wine isn’t as popular as the wines from Napa Valley, but it’ll get there someday!

#4 – …eating Chinese food after tasting Peony is mildly depressing 

Peony actually has two other locations in Murietta and Lake Elsinore, so I guess this one is not so much a Temecula-exclusive. However, if you’ve ever eaten at any of the three locations, you know know the struggle of comparing other Chinese restaurants to their culinary goodness.

#5 – ….you think that Pat & Oscars has the best breadsticks, hands down

Admit it, you’ve gone to Pat & Oscars a couple of times just for the breadsticks, but you felt bad and bought a salad, too. Or you just got the breadsticks and didn’t care if they judged you.


#6 – …you cringe when people say nice things about Hemet

Don’t get me wrong, Hemet is also growing and making a name for itself, too. However, being so close to LA, its starting to get a bad rep with druggies. Also, Hemet seems to be a hot spot for a lot of retirees, which makes even more of an interesting population combination.

…So be like Simba and listen to Mufasa, don’t got to Hemet unless you want to be addicted to Meth.

#7 – …you base your directions off of the duck pond

EVERYONE from Temecula knows where the duck pond is! It’s the place to be if you’re still playing Pokemon Go! (I’m not judging), wanting to fish for the turtles or whatever fish seems to be living in there, or for Pat & Oscars breadsticks! BONUS: You remember the duck crossing sign and the painted duck feet pathway ❤

#8 – …you’ve already graduated high school, but there’s still rivalry in your blood for Chaparral or Temecula Valley High School 

Admit it. You’ve met someone else who’s from Temecula and then they say they went to your rival school. You probably gave them a half-hearted, “Oh cool”,  because you know its not cool and their school’s LAME. Not even sure why Temeculans are like this, but I’m sure it has to do with pulling pranks, like painting the huge “TV” in the Temecula Valley football fields blue & green, or when goats were released on Chaparral’s campus. Either way, we still despise each other, but we can equally agree that Great Oaks High School is more or less a Great Joke and we hate them too.

#9 – …you’d rather wait for movies to be released at the Temeku theater

Seriously. Why pay full price for a movie when you can wait a couple weeks to a month to get dirt cheap tickets for blockbuster movies? Then again, I’m a cheapo and don’t mind waiting anyway.


#10 – …you know there’s no such thing as “Downtown Temecula,” but there is a “Old Town Temecula”

Yeah, what the eff The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard? BTW, Old Town Temecula is pretty dope, despite its rapid expansion and recent not-so-Old-Towney additions. I mean, my basic bitch-self was not complaining when they added the Starbucks towards the entrance, but its really cool to be walking through parts of Old Town that were constructed in the early 1900s. Also, its pretty cool to hang out at the Root Beer factory!


 #11 – …you remember that Pechanga Hotel and Casino was once just a casino tent

Over the years, Pechanga has definely boomed since a lot of business has been coming through. I remember when my mom & auntie used to go to Pechanga on occasion to play the slots and come home with a bunch of Andes chocolate mints… I wasn’t complaining. BONUS: You know about the water tower color change at night!

#12 – …you know where the “official” Welcome to Temecula sign is located

If you don’t, and you’re passing through from San Diego on the I-15, its on the left-hand side and is somewhat covered by trees (from what I last remembered). Its also a little after you pass the CHP checkpoint.


Are YOU from Temecula, CA too? What’s another way you know you’re from here???


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