I’m Not Sorry For Yelling At Your Child

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Since the school year ended last week for Colorado Springs, there has been an influx of children at my oldest’s Youth program. Nothing wrong with that, but my husband and I have notice that some kids have no respect for the monitors, other kids, or the toys there.

At first, I thought that maybe I was being too much of an overbearing mom or that I was taking things out of context when I picked up my son earlier this week. I found him cleaning up magnetic tiles and other little toys, which wasn’t an uncommon site for me, but what irritated me was the attitude coming  from one of the little boys that he was playing with. Usually, the Youth program teaches and encourages children to work together through clean up or other activities they plan for them. However, I can see that its a difficult task for the monitors to reinforce that behavior in kids that aren’t normally there during the school year. Mind you, there are a lot of them. Anyway, I heard this kid complaining and tell the monitor that it ‘wasn’t his mess & its all my son’s fault’ and, ‘he shouldn’t have to clean it up’ despite the monitor telling him that she watched them all play in that area together. I was getting irritated because to me, it seemed like he didn’t appreciate my son’s help, so I made my son clean up another corner in the same play area. When my moved my son, the other kid started to haphazardly put the toys away and started calling my son’s incessantly. I tried my best to ignore it, but it got to me when another new child almost hit me with a toy he threw like a baseball. Frustrated, I yelled at the boy saying my son’s name and told him that my son was busy cleaning up a new area.

After doing so, a part of me felt bad because maybe I took things out of context and felt like I might’ve took my own stress out on this kid. However, when I got home, I told my husband what just happened and he said the same thing happened to him when he was there the other day. So, it wasn’t just me then. Instead of feeling bad that I yelled at someone else’s kid, I realized that my feelings about the “Summer” kids were valid and that it appears most of them do not have respect for the monitors, other kids, or the toys there. My son isn’t the best child nor is he the most well-behaved, he’s got problems and habits at home that he needs to work on. However, comparing him to most children, I’m glad he does show respect for the three things I’ve mentioned in this post.

Maybe, as a society, we shouldn’t give excuses on why our kids act a certain way and just blame it on them being “kids.” That’s no excuse for why a kid didn’t want to clean up a mess they made other than them being lazy. If we are to reinforce this excuse-creating habit, then they won’t learn and then develop bad habits they will take with them to adulthood. Perhaps I, as a parent, shouldn’t feel too bad about yelling or correcting someone else’s kid if they’re displaying a habit that I wouldn’t want to see in my own children.


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