What Is Making Racism Persist?

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As I went to bed the other night, I thought about my post about racism. I really thought about why is this thing so reoccurring in our lives and why can’t we just rid ourselves? As what I’ve said in BBQ Picnic Ruiner, racism is an attitude that’s passed on from generation to generation; however, I’m starting to realize that its not just centuries of generations to blame on bad habit-forming. In fact, its something thats just under our nose. Its definitely got something to do with the media.

I think my blog is starting to gain some sort of traction in regards to how personally feel about the news. Its really gotten to the point where I now see it as “spoon-feeding” the masses on how we should collectively feel about certain topics. If you really take the time to think about it, “trustworthy” news outlets could be partly to blame about our persisting problem with racism. Why is it, that we typically only hear about minority crimes and hardly any “white American” crimes. With all due respects, I am NOT getting on the “hate the white man” wagon, its just something I’ve observed about the news. Its really all about minority crimes, and when we do have something to say about typical “white races,” the news talks about cultural appropriation and white supremacy. AS IF those are the only two crimes they can commit.

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And its not just the black community that gets a bad rep. Think about America’s mindset with the current overseas wars in the Middle East and Syria. Think about how we have treated Muslims or even those that “look” Middler Eastern after the 9/11 attacks. A great example on this would be on the YouTube HQ shooter who is an Iraqi immigrant. After watching this particular video, it mentions a lot of irrelevant information to her case. One including the fact that she obtained her student’s pilots license two days after the 9/11 attacks. So what. Why does that have relevancy to what she did almost two decades ago since the attacks? Examples like this makes you realize some of the tactics the news uses in order to sway your thoughts and opinions on certain things. Without thinking, you might’ve labelled her as a terrorist because they mentioned that fact. Can you see the dangers of profiling that the news is starting to use?

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Lets not also forget what history has taught us. Since the 1960s and one, America has been continually pushing for equal rights among all races, to include the black community. By the way, at the end of WWII, the United States Air Force was born. Besides another military branch being created, the Air Force was also recognized as the first branch in the United States to be completely unsegregated. There were no more units and squadrons specific to culture, race, and skin color. We were one from then on… Anyway, so my point about history repeating itself. We did have an incident where we had like-concentration camps for the Japanese after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Almost immediately after the attacks, the United Stated decided to round up American citizens who were Japanese to ensure they wouldn’t attack on the inside. Talk about extreme profiling, and also irrational terror for everyone else. Just because the Japanese were so readily identifiable, they got the blunt end of the deal.

Interesting stuff that we’re dealing with now-a-days. Let’s just think a little more critically when it comes to what we’re being told by the news, and just LOVE one another. This is the only way we could possibly overcome racism, the thing that further divides us all.


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