Bad Leadership

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Today, I found out that one of my very close friends had been demoted, effective immediately. You would think that she made a public racial rant or had a DUI/ARI (Alcohol-Related Incident), which warranted a demotion. You would think that she did something criminal in order to be demoted from being a Staff Sergeant (E-5) to a Senior Airman (E-4). Instead, she did nothing of this sort that warranted this type of punishment, nor did anything that would come close to it. Unfortunately, it was the result of accumulated “mistakes,” as her leadership would put it…

I felt like I couldn’t rest without writing something about it, even though I know that my blog is powerless in causing a movement to occur… but at least it’s something to me. At least I can put this out somewhere on the internet for someone to read in hopes this could make a difference, someway somehow. I’m not one to complain, but I am known for challenging things that do not make sense or doesn’t seem right. This is one of them.

First off, I don’t understand how a person that had high praises and remarks from TWO previous bases can suddenly become a piece of crap at their second base. That’s simply not possible, unless said person had always been this way and their leadership was just pushing them along. Of course, my friend is not one of them. She is a dedicated individual and is one of the hardest-working people I know. So, how is it that someone who was NCO of the Quarter and two-time medal recepient suddenly the scum of the Earth at this particular base? Obviously, something just doesn’t smell right here.

I know it started off with her hefty mistake she made when she first got there. Mind you, I’m not going to air out her dirty laundry because this is still her business, but I can say she learned her lesson and moved on. During her “suspension” period, she continued to do great things, she was even nominated to be her unit’s Booster Club President. Why would you put someone up for that position if you were skeptical of their leadership qualities? Even further, why would someone who “doesn’t seem to follow NCO qualities” receive an award from the base commander and superintendent? AND, why would the base superintendent nominate such a lowly person to do 6-months of Honor Guard? Surely, Honor Guard is the place where we now place the dirt bags of the base to be “corrected.”

And yet, she was removed from Honor Guard because of some simple miscommunication that was blown out of proportion. Then it lead to paperwork, and then it lead to this demotion. This recent event was grossly blown out of proportion and any reasonable leader would see it so. How is it, that my friend was able to complete about three to four months in Honor Guard without any demerits or derrogatory information, only to have that record immediately flipped over when a new NCOIC comes into play? How is it, that when said new NCOIC removed my friend from her leadership position, that the Honor Guard class was not in favor of this move? And, how bold can one NCO be in order to have the audacity to tell another NCO they they cannot help out an Airman if they have problems. Rather, they should refer them up the chain of command without resolving it from the lowest level, as what every Airman is told. I don’t understand any of this, and I wish that someone could make some sense out of this. The only sense that I could make out of it is abuse of rank and power.

None of this adds up, and I’m hoping that something pulls through for her from legal or the Inspector General. None of this adds up to me, as a leader myself. And if this makes perfect sense to others, then I’m not sure I’m reading “The Enlisted Force Structure” correctly. I apologize for this rash post, but leadership taking advantage of situations and ruining careers without probable clause absolutely infuriates me. I hate hearing stories about bad leadership pushing out the good people while they carry on in their own careers without having remorse of ruining people’s lives. Bad leadership is the one that should be ousted of the military.

If I get called out for this post, let it be. Again, I’m a challenger of processes and things that don’t seem right. I stand for justice and fairness, of which I see none if this for my friend. Good people should not be treated in this way, and instead, in a fair manner in which they are entitled to. Also, America as a whole likes to preach “innocent until proven guilty.” The amount of “evidence” that may have warranted this demotion sounds unjust and needs to be carefully scrutinized by someone other than her chain-of-command. Something needs to be done in order to restore her reputation that they tarnished, and correctly punish those that are trying to push her out with phoney accusations.


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