Skinny Fat

man lying on rubber mat near barbell inside the gym
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I first heard the term “skinny fat” from my husband when he described his ex-girlfriend’s (plural) poor eating habits and lack of exercise. Albeit, they were pretty in their photographs. They were lean and looked like they had a good figure, but then my husband pointed out that they refused to work-out and usually became winded after only a few squats.

This post here isn’t meant to bash on his ex-girlfriends (plural) because, unfortunately, I feel like I’ve fallen into this category in my life. Lately, I haven’t been working out as much as I should, besides the one to two nights of derby I get per week, and its gotten obvious that I’m starting to rely on my naturally skinny body shape. This past Monday, I took my first physical training (PT) test since giving birth to our youngest and I barely got away with a 91.8%. Not bad for not really working out… but that’s totally besides the point.

Why is being “skinny fat” so bad?

I know my personal problem with it is the fact that I look in the mirror and think I’m okay with how I look. I mean, I’m “skinny” afterall, so I’m good, right? Yeah, no. I like food way too much that I can’t afford to not work out at least twice a week, derby included. If I didn’t, my not-so-great eating habits will eventually creep up on me.

Me at my fittest!

Now, for my husband’s ex-girlfriend’s (plural) case, looking skinny gave them some sort of confidence boost which led them to look down on others who weren’t so skinny. When his most recent ex-girlfriend saw the picture of the left, she had the audacity to call me fat because I looked chunky. This was actually around the time where I was at my fittest and I worked out almsot everyday of the week (deployment does that to you). Just because you’re skinny doesn’t automatically make you “fit,” and looking down on people who look heavier than you is not a good thing. There are women on my derby league who are twice the size as me, but boy can they squat and sprint on skates like a champ!

Having a sedentary lifestyle also slowly kills you in a way. Think about it – thinking that you’re skinny and you can continuously wolf down In-N-Out on a daily basis (my husband used to do that in his teen years. I’m not sure how he was never obese in his life) can lead to a build-up of cholesterol in your arteries. Leading to the obvious clogged arteries, leading to high cholesterol, leading to high blood pressure, and so on and so forth.

I know the way that I preach about working out sounds like I’m saying you need to go to the gym, when really you don’t have to. You don’t have to be like me… unless you’re also in the military. PT tests can be career-enders, and thats a good enough reason to work-out more. Anyway, my main point is, don’t discount working out even though you look skinny, thats unhealthy. Don’t live a sedentary lifestyle! Instead, do something active with your life. Go on a walk during your lunch breaks, do yoga, or even hike! The Center of Disease Control recommends that we all work-out at least two to three times per week for at least 30 minutes each session. Go out and do it! 


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