Ode To Cardi B


Let me first say, that I initially hated Cardi B and her song Bodak Yellow. Well… I still hate that song, but Cardi B herself has since then grown on me. As she’s been climbing to the top, I realize that she’s probably as real as you can get as far as rappers and celebrities goes.

Cardi B on high school shootings.

She may be wildly know for her random noises and often inappropriate mannerismsbut when she talks about serious matters, its like she’s a completely different person. For example, one of my favorite posts that she has ever made was about the Parkland school shooting. While a lot of A-list and B-list celebs are jumping to promote gun bans and the likes, Cardi B points out one of the main issues about school shootings. Albeit, there are a lot of problems that goes along with school shootings – guns not being the only thing, but its refreshing to see a celebrity of high status point out the problems of bullying. And I’m sure she could empathize with these types of students since she does have a past that none of us would be fond of.


Photo courtest of San Antonio’s Energy 94.1FM

…but all seriousness aside, its also refreshing to have a celebrity that speaks whatever is on her mind. Like how she called out the “internet trolls” earlier this year, when they were revving up the rumor mills about her being pregnant:

No b**ch, I’m just getting fat. Let me fat in peace.

Awkwardly, she is pregnant but still looking pretty fabulous anyway. It just also goes to show that celebrities can maintain a certain level of privacy even if the paparrazi is up their bumholes.


cardi-b-invasion-of-privacyAnd with her new album, Invasion of Privacy, I just can’t stop listening to it. I mean, I could do with not listening to “Drip” or “Money Bags,” but you’ll always find at least one song on an album that you’d rather not listen to. Its pretty amusing to me how relatable her songs can be to me considering we have very different life paths. “Thru Your Phone” and “Be Careful” are the two main songs that really get me because they pretty much touch the emotions I held inside in my first marriage. In a sense, Cardi B is like my alter ego because I’m not as confrontational and forward as she is… Although I’d stive to be that way. Its also incredible to listen to her lyrics and realize they’re all quite original and not like the mumbly junk rappers today lean on.


Cardi B
2018 iHeartRadio Music Awards        Best New Artist

OH, and lets not forget her incredible acceptance speech as “Best New Artist” for the 2018 iHeartRadio Music awards. Of course, its pretty common for artists to thank their parents, their significant others, and their fans, but Cardi B pushed the envelop by also thanking her haters:

“And I wanna thank my haters, too, because (insert Cardi B laugh here) they be downloading my stuff so they can hear it and talk crap about it, but it benefits me!”

So true, Cardi, so true. You do your thang girl, and don’t quit shining ❤


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