Why My Co-Worker’s Don’t Even Know I’m A Blogger (50th Post!)

chocolate cake with white icing and strawberry on top with chocolate
Yay 50th post!! Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I had a lot of ideas running through my head on what I wanted to do for my 50th blog post. Unlike my other felow bloggers, this is a significant milestone for me because I never had a blog in the past were I mad it this far. I don’t even think I’ve gone further than 20 posts! I thought about making another “blogger-to-blogger” tips post, but I figured I could gather some useful pointers later. Because this is such a special post for me, I decided just to share why I’m not that vocal about owning a blog to begin with.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love being a blogger. Most times, it really makes me feel like this is a side job I do since you do have to think of things to write about. Before 2017 & Beyond, I really struggled with my past blogs because I just ran out of ideas. I would limit myself to a certain theme and think, “this is great! I can do so many things with it!” Only to hit major writer’s blog and reduced motivatio because I had to think so hard about what I wanted to write. The freedom I have with this blog gives me an infinite amount of topics for me to discuss and the beauty of it is, it is my blog and my blog only! However, I have tried to get my husband to guest write a few times, but he’s just not interested in it. I do love writing random posts about things, that its just a dream of me somehow becoming a freelance writer/blogger on the side and getting paid for my work… But for now, I’m just here for the ride.

So, why do I keep my blog a secret? Its not like I’m talking crap about my co-workers or I’m being shady. Really, I just feel like there’s no point into divulging that information. I’m sure, eventually, they will find it somehow, but I’m in no real rush to share it with them. With previous blogs and also the YouTube channel I created about 10 years ago, I would advertise the crap out of it on my own FaceBook page and other social media accounts. I wanted my name to get out there so much, but as more people started paying attention to it, the more I started to lose interest in it. As ironic as that may sound. However, I’m at 50 posts now, so I guess I could share it now since I don’t think that I’ll be stopping anytime soon.

Also, I’m not like most bloggers who are really into follower-counts. I really don’t care about it. I feel that that piece will eventually come if I keep writing posts that people care enough to read. Blogging is just a hobby that I find pleasure in doing. Its also nice to have a little plot of “internet real estate” to call my own and pretend to be a journalist… I have no intentions of entering that field, whatsoever. HOWEVER, if you are one of my followers in the small group I have, thank you so much for your support! Its nice to know that some people pay attention to what I have to say. It’s almost like having your neighbors compliment you on your front lawn 😛


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