Why Scheduling Your Posts Will Become Your Best Friend

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Photo by Bich Tran on Pexels.com

Hey guys (and girls)!

It’s been a while since I last wrote a post. If you didn’t notice, that’s great! Lately, I’ve been busy with online classes, roller derby, and helping out with the class of 2022 for the Air Force Academy. Blogging kind of took its place on the back-burner even though I really wanted to throw up a couple of stories that recently occurred. My next online class starts this Thursday, 5 Jul, so I’m planning on cranking out as many posts as I can manage. I might also get some time to blog more since I’ll be working at night 19 – 20 Jul and 30 Jul – 1 Aug.

As you see, with such a busy schedule, I was able to maintain my blog with my now-best friend, The Scheduler. Before I started up my classes, I was writing at least three posts per week. It kind of got crazy, because there were so many things I wanted to say or comment on, that I felt like I’d be a little overwhelming to readers and followers. So using The Scheduler really helped space out my posts to make sure my site content is “fresh” while not overdoing it. And, the obvious, when I took a temporary absence from my computer, or WordPress, it was still pushing out my content without me needing to do anything!

It’s also saved my butt from writing some things that I probably shouldn’t be talking about. For instance, the current political issues about illegal immigrant families being separated. I didn’t write a post about it, but I have written posts that were really polically charged and may be somewhat offense to a sensitive crowd, so scheduling it way out there gave me some time to really think about wherther or not that sort of stuff should be on my blog in the first place. After all, I’ve already established my military status throughout this blog, and I did learn a thing or two from the “How to maintain a blog” in Course 15 for the Air Force (NOT!). Either way, The Scheduler is definitely my butt saver since I plan on keeping this blog alive for as long as I can. It would be pretty embarassing to have controversial items in this blog when I become an officer, wouldn’t? Although, I know there are some things on here that are pretty iffy… I’ve already written those posts and they will remain. Also, I do my best to ensure they’re not too condescending or demeaning to anyone or any particular group of people. I also accept a good debate and discussion to hear the other side!

I know there are more reasons why The Scheduler is an amazing tool for any aspiring blogger, but those are my main reasons for its usage. If you’re a fellow blogger, what other reasons do you use you Scheduler?


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