Blogging On Your Phone Is The WORST

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Whenever I’ve got some down time, meaning waiting for an appointment or waiting for my order at Starbucks, I like to try and do a bit of blogging. At least, try to start off some posts that have been sitting in my draft box for forever, or even creating posts with ideas for later. The only good thing that comes out of me blogging on my phone is that I can use my own photos for my posts instead of stock photos.

Rarely do I ever attempt to write a whole post on my phone, mainly because I feel like I’m not as creative with my words and what I want to say on my phone. I mean, I’m physically limited to just my thumbs in writing an entire post. #NoThankYou. All-in-all, it severly limits my capabilities of free writing. I think I just suck at texting/typing on my phone.

Autocorrect is also the bane of my existence when it comes to writing long posts… Well, the little phone screen makes you think that you wrote pages and pages of content, but in reality, you probably just wrote maybe two wimpy paragraphs. Not sure if other bloggers are like me, but sometimes I get tired of drafting my post that I don’t even proofread (oops). That’s probably a bad thing to admit, but I suppose that could explain a lot if you’ve found a lot of grammatical errors from my previous posts! Anyway, thats where autocorrect screws you over and sinisterly changes your words to the point where you have no idea what you were trying to say in your post.

And another reason why blogging on your phone is simply the worst, when you’re in the mood and in the zone about writing something you feel so passionate about at that precise moment – you basically phub those around you. Trust me, no one likes a phubber. I’m also not a famous or well-known blogger that needs to be making updates as much as possible… I’m not getting paid for this, this is just a hobby. So why should I treat it as such? Until I start seeing some revenue coming in from my post, I’m not going to sweat it.

I’m sure there are more than three reasons why bloggers don’t typically blog on their phones… Or maybe I’m just the odd ball here. If you’re a blogger, do you routinely blog on your phone? If not, whats your reason(s) why you don’t?


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  1. I’m the same as you… I tend to write a little here and there on my phone, but I never ever hit submit until I’ve brought it up on my computer to read (and re-read) and fix all the errors I no doubt made as I was hurriedly typing away on my phone.


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