About Us

There’s not much to say about us… For starters, we are a “dual military” family of four. I am active duty Air Force and my husband is an Air Force reservist, but we’re hoping to change his status to active duty Air Force sometime this year. Personally, I have been stationed at four bases, with one deployment under my belt. My first base was RAF Lakenheath (UK), then I went on to Ramstein AB (Germany), where I had my first-born son. After being in Europe for about four years total (two years in England, and two years in Germany), I was transferred to Davis-Monthan AFB (Tucson, Arizona) for almost five years. From Davis-Monthan, I deployed for 6-months to the Middle East, where I met my husband. I know, a deployment is one of the last places you’d expect to find your soulmate, but our fate would have it so. We got married a year and a half after we returned from our deployment (hence2016 & beyond) and had our second-born son at the tail-end of our tour in Davis-Monthan. By chance, we got orders to the US Air Force Academy (Colorado Springs, Colorado) when I was about five-months pregnant, and moved from Arizona to Colorado when our son was three-months old.

Being in the military for about 10 years has given us a lot of experiences thus far. We’re hoping that the both of us will be commissioned in some sort of way, but if not, our Plan B is to ride out our 20 years of enlistment and then fulfill our life-long dreams of becoming medical professionals…

…but talking about our military life and experiences is not the main theme of my blog. Although, I’m sure it will be a primary topic. I’d like to keep our blog theme to be random, considering we have a lot of likes and hobbies we enjoy. Either way, we’d love to share a conversation with you through one of our posts. Drop any suggestions for a post you’d like us to discuss! Writer’s block is a real thing, and we could use some suggestions from time to time!


The DeFile family


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